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Soil, Sand & Decorative Rock

Garden Compost $32.00/yd

This compost is out of the Willamette Valley and is made out of yard debris composted.  Perfect to use as an additive to your current soil or to use alone in raised beds.

River Loam $38.00/yd

 Sandy soil that comes out of the river beds of the Willamette Valley. Great to mix 50/50 with our compost for a planting mix (Weather Permitting it is available spring/summer months)


River Sand $28.00/yd

This is a rougher sand and is cleaner for setting flagstones and decorative rocks. Also great for kids sand boxes.

Montana Rainbow Rock $0.25/lb

Pastel colors of the rainbow. Great accent to drain rocks or in water features.

Available in 1/2" and 1 1/2" Size

Gold & Silver Flagstone $0.26/lb

 3/4" - 1 1/4" Gold or Silver stones. Rich colors of golds and silvers. Great for stepping stones, dry patios or accents around water features.

Bubbler Columns

 Columbia River Column Drilled and ready for you to plumb to "bubble"