Rock Products

3/4" Minus $28.00/yd


This is crushed gravel 3/4 inch and smaller. Great for driveways or pathways. Compacts well, good for using under paver's and block walls

1 1/2" Minus $28.00/yd


Crushed gravel 1 1/2 inch and smaller. Great base for new drive, turnaround or pathways. 

Small Drain $32.00/yd


 This is 1/2 inch "pea gravel" Round River rock. Great in water features, children's play area, flower beds or pathways. 

Large Drain $40.00/yd


This is 1 1/2 inch round river rock. Great in water features, Drain Fields and Ground Cover 

Hammer Rock $39.00/yd


Available by the yard (what we load with tractor)  or U haul, U pick $4.00 and up This is larger boulders ranging in size from 8 to 24 inches. Great for accent rocks or building stone walls.